Election Information

Each year, a new ANUSA team is elected in Term 3. All positions are held for a period of one year, beginning December 1st and ending November 30th the following year.

The electoral regulations can be found from page 44 onwards of the Constitution.

2021 Election

The terms of elected office bearers will commence on 1 December, 2021 and continue into 2022.

Call for nominations/ opening of nominations - 2 August
Close of ticket nominations - 18 August
Close of individual nominations - 20 August
Polls open - 9am, 30 August
Polls close - 12pm, 2 September
Vote count starts - 4pm, 2 September

If you are interested in running on a ticket (ie: with a team) for the 2021 ANUSA General Election but are unsure how to get involved, please see the following form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx....
Keep in mind that in order to run for the election, you must be an undergraduate student in 2022.

If you are a ticket convenor who would like access to the results of the form, you will be able to request access from 9 June by contacting sa.gensec@anu.edu.au.

ANUSA is very eager to hear about your experiences with elections and improve our electoral processes.
Please also fill out the following election survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx.... If you have any questions about the survey, please contact sa.gensec@anu.edu.au.

If you have any pending concerns about breach of any ANUSA Electoral Regulations, please contact Derrick Appell and Thomas Burnett at sa.probity@anu.edu.au.


2020 Election

Election Regulations COVID-19 Updates

Nomination List

Full Call for Nominations

Election Information Booklet

Ticket Registration Form

Nomination Form

ANUSA Election Guide

2020 Expenditure Limits


President Madhumitha Janagaraja


Vice PresidentChristian Flynn


General SecretaryMeghan Malone


TreasurerSiang Jin Law


Education OfficerMadeleine Chia


Social OfficerSophie Jaggar


University Council MemberMadhumitha Janagaraja


General Representatives - Avan Daruwalla, Claire Noack, Max Cleversley, Niam Foxcroft, Phoenix O’Neil, Jaya Ryan, Catherine Yeong, Rania Teguh, Coby Howell, Grace King, Isha Singhal, Noa Amiry, Max Evans, Marlow Meares


NUS Delegates - Christian Flynn, Madhumitha Janagaraja, Zoe Ranganathan, Luca Corby, Sophie Macdonald


College of Law Representatives - Elisabeth Henke, Isabel Marsh


College of Business and Economics Representatives - Tran Thai Son Pham, Riley Smithers


College of Arts and Social Sciences Representatives     Aryanne Caminschi, Yasmin Kirk


College of Engineering and Computer Science Representatives - Sandy Ma (elected unopposed), Swatantra Roy (elected unopposed)


College of Science, Health and Medicine Representatives - Sai Campbell (elected unopposed), Su-En Hia (elected unopposed)


College of Asia and the Pacific Representatives - Andre Kwok (elected unopposed), Meg Billson (elected unopposed)


Ethnocultural Officer - Zenia Vasaiwalla (elected unopposed)

Disabilities Officer - Zoe Adam (elected unopposed)

Queer* Officer - Aisling Arnould (elected unopposed)

Womens Officer - Miriam Wicks-Wilson (elected unopposed)

Indigenous Officer - Maddison Crowe (elected unopposed)

International Officer - Markus Ching (elected unopposed)

Environment Officer -  Luca Corby (elected unopposed)


2020 Probity Team

  • Felix Friedlander
    • Declared conflicts of interest:
      • Current President of the ANU CSSA and ANU XSA
  • Bec Donald-Wilson
    • Declared conflicts of interest:
      • Probity Officer (2018 - 2019)
      • Woroni Radio Tech Officer (2018 - current)
  • Ned Strange
    • Declared conflicts of interest:
      • None
  • Callum Davis
    • Declared conflicts of interest:
      • Housemate of Skanda Panditharatne (current Education Officer)
      • Former member of the ANU Liberal Club


2019 Election


ANUSA 2019 Election Nominations List

Nomination Form

Ticket Registration Form

Elections EOI

Full Call for Nominations

Election Information Booklet

Exclusion Zone Map

ANUSA Election Guide

2019 Election Results

President - Lachlan Day 

Undergraduate Member on ANU Council - Lachlan Day

Vice-President - Madhumitha Janagaraja

General Secretary - Taylor Heslington (elected unopposed)

Treasurer - Maddy Wang

Education Officer - Skanda Panditharatne

Social Officer - Sophie Jaggar


General Representatives - Cahill Di Donato, Nick Carlton, Aryanne Caminschi, Will Fletcher, Ben Yates, Nick Crowley, Jacob Ellis, Kate Evans, Louis Gordon, Ben Theakston, Lachie Ballard, Ben Wicks, Tom Garratt, Vincent Lee

NUS Delegates Lachy Day, Grace Carter, Henri Vickers, Nick Pagonis, Skanda Panditharatne


College of Arts and Social Sciences Representatives - Samuel Lee, James Eveille

Joint College of Science Representatives - Yasmin Potts, Sai Campbell

College of Law Representatives - Georgina Price, Max Claessens

College of Asia & the Pacific Representatives - Millie Wang, Spencer Cornish (elected unopposed)

College of Engineering & Computer Sciences Representatives - Sophie Burgess (elected unopposed)

College of Business & Economics Representatives - David Harvey, Jye Beardow (elected unopposed)


Queer* Officer - Shivali Trivedi

Ethnocultural Officer - Aisha Setipa

Indigenous Officer - Maddison Crowe

Women's Officer - Siang Jin Law

Environment Officer - Grace Hill


2019 Probity Team

Brandon Tan: On ANUSA as a Gen Rep. Was on Clubs Council in 2017 as a General Officer.

Bec Donald-Wilson: Was on probity in 2018

Noah Yim: Former Editor-in-Chief of Woroni and News Editor.

Felix Friedlander:  Contesting the Computer Science Students’ Association Election in 2019.


2018 Election

The successful candidates will serve for one year from 1 December 2018.

2018 Full list of Candidates

Nomination Form
Full Call for Nominations
Election Nominations Booklet
Ticket Registration Form



This year, there were 22 contested positions:

  • Education Officer

  • 2 College of Asia and Pacific Representatives

  • 14 General Representatives

  • 5 NUS Delegates

The other positions were elected unopposed.

President and Undergraduate Member on Council - Eden Lim

Vice-President - Campbell Clapp

General Secretary - Lachy Day

Treasurer - Dash Jose

Education Officer - Tanika Sibal

Social Officer - Matthew Mottola

College of Law Representatives - Kunal Vankadara & Stella Ajani

College of Business and Economics Representatives - Croft Sun & Jordan Nicholaeff

College of Engineering and Computer Science Representatives - Matilda Dowse & Tyrus Caldeira

College of Arts and Social Sciences Representatives - Tian Xiao Shi & Zinnia Bath

College of Asia Pacific Representatives - Alison Wong & Kai Clark

Joint College of Sciences Representatives - Ruth Amy Purcell & Jacob McMullen

General Representatives - Brandon Tan, Christopher Atkins, Taylor Heslington, Henri Vickers, Jade Lin, Harsh Thakkar, Isabella Keith, Annabelle Nshuti, David Harvey, Jocelyn Abbott, Ailsa Schreurs, Peter Sun, Yasmin Poole, Madeleine Lezon

Delegates to the NUS - Ashish Nagesh, Tanika Sibal, Lachy Day, Croft Sun, Niall Cummins



2017 Election

Nominations for the ANUSA elections are now closed! The successful candidates will serve for one year from 1 December 2017.

Nomination Form
Full Call for Nominations
Election Nominations Booklet
Ticket Registration Form
Probity officer call for nominations
Conflict of interest probity

2017 Reports

Probity 2017 Disputes Report

2017 Results

President and Undergraduate Member on Council - Eleanor Kay

Vice-President - Tess Masters

General Secretary - Eden Lim

Treasurer - Mariah Chang

Education Officer - Harry Needham

Social Officer - Anya Bonan

Queer* Officer - Matthew Mottola

College of Law Representatives - Angela Chen & Campbell Clapp

College of Business and Economics Representatives - Palak Bhatia & Kezia Kartika

College of Engineering and Computer Science Representatives - Jess Kennedy & Yaya Lu

College of Arts and Social Sciences Representatives - Julia Beard & Amel Saeed

College of Asia Pacific Representatives - Mali Walker & Evie Sharman

Joint College of Sciences Representatives - Janet Zhong & Shoshana Rapley

General Representatives - Petal Wang, Gaia Ewing, Ashish Nagesh, Sam Cass, Nick Douros, Isabelle Lee, Lachy Day, Annabella Nshuti, Kathryn Lee, Georgie Sheridan, Edan Habel, Antonia Wayne-Boyle, Chloe Wong & Lily Pang

Delegates to the NUS - Cameron Allan, Freya Willis, Harry Needham, Tess Masters & Howard Maclean



2015 Probity Report

2015 Probity Report

The PDF below records actual and anticipated expenditure by candidates and tickets during the 2015 ANUSA Annual Elections. According to section 2.11.6 of the Election Regulations (2015), Probity Officers must prepare a report after each Annual Election of the Association attaching candidates’ statements of spending and detailing a summary of the difference between anticipated and actual expenditure for each candidate and ticket. In lieu of this report, the 2015 Probity Officers present the raw data alone. Any questions should be directed to the General Secretary. VIEW RAW DATA >



We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which ANUSA operates.
We recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
We pay our respect to Elders, past and present, and commit to standing with our first nations people.

Contact ANUSA (02) 6125 2444