Queer* Collective


The Queer* Department provides services to all LGBTIQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, and/or asexual OR queer* for short) students at the ANU. We run social events, advocate, and run political campaigns. Make sure to check out the contact section below to see how you can get involved!

We have a space on campus that is open to all queer* identifying students, with a kitchen with a fridge, food and appliances, gender-neutral toilets, a queer* library full of books and DVDs, a TV, as well as plenty of quiet study space. Meetings, Working Bees, Queer* Coffee, TISGD (Transgender, Intersex, and Gender Diverse) and Ace & Aro events run during the teaching week!


Gabriel Scott

Gabe is a second year Environment student. They are originally from Sydney and moved down to Canberra to study Environment at ANU.

In their spare time they love to go catspotting as well as appreciating beautiful gardens. They are also always looking for cool places the Queer* Department can go next. If you would like to get in contact with Gabe, please use the email address below.\

Get Involved

You can come along to one of our fortnightly meetings during the teaching period, or to any of our events! Keep up with all of our events on Facebook or sign up to the mailing list. You can also send us an email to see how you can get involved.





ANU Pride (open to everyone)

Facebook group (autonomous and open to members only)

Instagram – anuqueerdept

Snapchat – anuqueerdept



Email: sa.queer@anu.edu.au