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$30 Murrays Sydney-Canberra ticket

The $30 Murrays bus Sydney-Canberra ticket is back for ANU students!



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Vice President | Eleanor Kay

The Vice President has a similar role to the President. They are also involved in co-ordinating student appeals. Their focus is on internal education matters such as faculty policies and information services.


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President | James Connolly

The President is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Association. They sit on the University Council, the highest decision-making body of the University, and other ANU Committees (see full list here). Their primary task is to ensure the undergraduate student voice is heard in these forums. Together with the Vice President, the President is involved in representation of, and advocacy for undergraduate students. The President is also ANUSA’s official spokesperson, communicating ANUSA activity and University changes to students and other relevant groups.


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Social Officer | Cameron Allan

This is the fun job! The Social Officer is responsible for organising and overseeing O-Week, Bush Week, ANUSA BBQs and other social events. The Social Officer is also the first point of contact for clubs and societies (C&S) and the Students Council, the ANUSA body responsible for funding C&S activity.


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Education Officer | Robyn Lewis

The Education Officer deals principally with the Higher Education policy of the Association. They are responsible for organising tertiary education campaigns (often in conjunction with the National Union of Students) as well as preparing submissions for relevant Government bodies on things such as housing, youth allowance, and HECS.


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General Secretary | Kat Reed

The General Secretary is responsible for the internal administration of ANUSA. They run and organise the meetings of ANUSA’s representative councils (SRC, CRC, AGM, OGM), and look after and interpret the Constitution and other ANUSA documents. The General Secretary is the one to answer any questions you have about official ANUSA procedure.


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Treasurer | Zhengxiang (Harry) Feng

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial aspects of ANUSA. They work in conjunction with ANUSA’s book keeper to track ANUSA spending and to ensure that money is being spent appropriately, as approved by our members. They also ensure that the finances of ANUSA are professionally audited.


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