Womens Department

The ANU Women's Department aims to represent, support and advocate for all ANU students who identify as a woman and/or have experienced oppression as a result of being perceived by others as a woman. They welcome trans women and non-binary people who identify with the previous definition or find their services useful. The Department provides advice, advocacy support and referrals to professional services. The Department facilitates a range of activities, events and workshops throughout the year on women's issues, feminism and whatever else members are interested in.

The Department also provides a quiet getaway space known as the Rapunzel Room near the Manning Clark Centre (MCC). They provide tea, coffee, painkillers and tampons. You can email the ANUSA Women’s Officer at sa.womens@anu.edu.au to request swipe access.


Facebook page:           https://www.facebook.com/anuwomensdepartment

Facebook group:         https://www.facebook.com/groups/ANUwomensdepartment