Bus Hire

Booking the bus

If you wish to book the bus, please contact sa.admin@anu.edu.au or (02) 6125 2444. You must book the bus at least a week in advance. ANUSA may decline your request should you book later than this. You will be contacted within two days to confirm your booking.

When is the bus available to be used?

The bus is available throughout the year, with the exception of the following periods
i) O Week and Bush Week
ii) When the ANU and ANUSA Offices are closed

Use of the bus will be given on a first come, first serve basis. During the university semester, priority will be given to shorter trips where the bus is borrowed for no longer than two days. During the semester break, the bus may be borrowed for up to seven days. This is to maximise the potential for the bus to be borrowed by different users when needed. Those needing to travel for longer periods of time are eligible to apply for a Students Club Council Travel Grant to assist in covering some of the costs.

Who can drive the bus? 

Anyone can drive the bus as long as they are over 21, have a full licence and are able to provide a signed statement in writing that they have not been in any at fault accidents in the last 5 years. The driver/s will have to have their licence/s photocopied at the ANUSA office when coming to pick up the bus and keys. 

Picking up the bus and keys 

The keys can be picked up at the ANUSA Offices during business hours. You will also be required to complete a Bus Hire form when you come in. 


ANUSA can provide you with monetary reimbursement for petrol. Please keep a copy of the petrol receipt when you return the bus and key so that you can fill out a Reimbursement form.