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Your Representatives

Your Representatives

ANUSA Executive


President – Christian Flynn

The President sits on the University Council, the highest decision-making body of the University, and other ANU Committees (see full list here). Their primary task is to ensure the undergraduate student voice is heard in these forums. Together with the Vice President, the President is involved in representation of, and advocacy for undergraduate students. The President is also ANUSA’s official spokesperson, communicating ANUSA activity and University changes to students and other relevant groups.


Vice President –  Chido Nyakuengama

The Vice President has a similar role to the President. They are also involved in co-ordinating student appeals. Their focus is on internal education matters such as faculty policies and information services.



Education Officer – Beatrice Tucker

The Education Officer deals principally with the Higher Education policy of the Association. They are responsible for organising tertiary education campaigns (often in conjunction with the National Union of Students) as well as preparing submissions for relevant Government bodies on things such as housing, youth allowance, and HECS.



General Secretary – Ben Yates 

The General Secretary is responsible for the internal administration of ANUSA. They run and organise the meetings of ANUSA’s representative councils (SRC, CRC, AGM, OGM), and look after and interpret the Constitution and other ANUSA documents. The General Secretary is the one to answer any questions you have about official ANUSA procedure.



Treasurer – Jaya Ryan

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial aspects of ANUSA. They work in conjunction with ANUSA’s Financial Controller to track ANUSA spending and to ensure that money is being spent appropriately, as approved by our members. They also ensure that the finances of ANUSA are professionally audited.



Clubs Officer – Phoenix O'Neill

This is the fun job! The Clubs Officer is responsible for organising and overseeing O-Week, Bush Week, ANUSA BBQs and other social events. 



Welfare Officer – Grace King

The Welfare Officer is responsible for advocacy and service provision to improve the welfare of students. The Welfare Officer takes on issues related to the wellbeing and material conditions of students, including housing, food and financial security, and access to services. The Welfare Officer’s work complements the work of ANUSA’s professional Student Assistance Officers. 



College Representatives

ANUSA has a team of two representatives for each Academic College at ANU. College Representatives analyse academic issues of relevance to their College and formulate strategies and campaigns to ensure that the academic interests of students are protected. These academic issues are discussed at College Representative Council meetings where each College representative team delivers a report.

College Representatives sit on the College Education Committee of their respective College.

They also organize College-specific events and help-out with many of ANUSA’s events and initiatives.

College of Arts & Social Sciences

Phillip Kim & Charlotte Carnes


College of Asia & the Pacific

Nathanael Kwon & Nik Clementi


College of Engineering & Computer Sciences

Kayla (Xinyi) Li & Phoebe Denham


College of Science, Health and Medicine

Oliver Hervir & Shriya Vaka


College of Law

Neha Kalele & Katie Byrnes


College of Business & Economics

Isha Singhal & Rania Teguh



General Representatives

General Representatives (‘Gen Reps’) are tasked with implementing the many important projects that we do which lie outside Executive portfolios. Working in groups and reporting to the Student Representative Council, Gen Reps are invaluable in ensuring that ANUSA makes visible improvements to campus life over the year.

Gen Reps must also act a key communication link between the student body and ANUSA with regard to the concerns and problems that ANUSA should be addressing. They also are the primary means of keeping the Executive accountable.

General Representatives: Michael Matheson-Deng, Blake Iafeta, Luca Corby, Ben Harms, Samuel MacRae, Katrina Ha, Ben Naiju, Luke Harrison, Oscar Pearce, Kai Dreyfus-Ballesi, Azraa Hussain, Paria Najafzadeh, Hebe Ren, Dorcas Bugeme.


Policy Register: 

 General Representative Policy Register.xlsx


Department Officers

The Department Officers are in charge of managing policy and advocacy of seven key areas which are especially important to ANUSA: Disabilities, Ethnocultural, Environment, Indigenous, International Students, Queer* and Women. The Department Officers also head up the autonomous collectives that assist in advising and directing the actions and initiatives of the Department Officers.


Disabilities Officers – Saffron Bannister

Any student who identifies as having a disability can join ANU Disabilities, the disabilities collective. This collective also has non-autonomous meetings that anyone can attend. To find out more information please visit ANUSA Disabilities Student Association or by emailing the Officer.


Environment Officer – Freya Brown

The Collective is for any ANU student who wants to engage with environmental and social justice issues on and off campus. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded students in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The Collective meets on Tuesday afternoons from 5-6 at the Food Coop in Lena Karmel lodge. To find out more information please visit ANUSA Environment Collective or by emailing the Officer.


International Students’ Officer – Hebe Ren (Interim Officer)

The International Students’ Department (ISD) represents and advocates for all international students in conjunction with the ANUSA Executive. Any International Student can get involved in the ISD, which has a large organisational structure with many opportunities to get involved. To find out more information please visit ANUSA International Students’ Department, ANU ISD’s website or or by emailing the Officer.


Queer* Officer – Remi Prica

The Queer* Department is an autonomous group for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender, intersex and questioning. It is a friendly passionate group who love nothing more than to discuss being queer* and just hanging out!

The Department hosts regular social events such as movie nights and discussion groups (called Queeries), and education workshops for everyone to get involved in. To find out more information please visit ANUSA Queer* Department or by emailing the Officer.


Women’s Officer – Avan Daruwalla

The Women’s Department is the representative body for all undergraduate women on campus, and consists of the Women’s Officer and the Collective. The Officer is available to provide advocacy, support and referrals to undergraduate women students. The Women’s Collective, which is open to all undergraduate women students, meets regularly to organise and run campaigns and events on campus. The Department also has a women’s only space, the Rapunzel Room, which is accessible 24/7. To find out more information please visit ANUSA Womens Department or by emailing the Officer.


Indigenous Officer – Katchmirr Russell

The Indigenous Department of ANUSA, is a student-run group which arranges activities and events for Indigenous students and the broader ANUSA community throughout the year. The Indigenous Officer works with the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre to support the needs of the students. The Department's aim is to promote Indigenous success on campus and to strengthen the Indigenous collective on campus by running a number of network events.


BIPOC (formerly Ethnocultural) Officer – Chanel Nguyen

The Ethnocultual Department is an autonomous, non-political group of passionate and energetic people. We implement advocacy for the ethnoculturally and linguistically diverse, attend and organise rallies, organise events on campus, have fortnightly meetings, and socialise over coffee meetups and, of course, online. Every undergraduate student who is ethnoculturally diverse is a member of this department. You can get more information through their autonomous Facebook Groups - social or organising - or follow their non-autonomous Facebook Page or by emailing the Officer.


We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which ANUSA operates.
We recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
We pay our respect to Elders, past and present, and commit to standing with our first nations people.

Contact ANUSA (02) 6125 2444