Representation – Committees

The ANU Students’ Association (ANUSA) has representation on a large number of ANU committees which provide advice to the Council, the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor on a range of matters including, finance, education, research, student experience, mental health and access & equity. Additionally, ANUSA coordinates various committees which feed into University level committees focusing on areas such as mental health, safety on campus and education.


ANU Council

Student Rep: ANUSA President

The University is governed by a 15 member Council, whose duties include: providing strategic oversight of the University; ensuring effective overall management, appointing the University’s senior leadership; and ensuring responsible financial and risk management.


Academic committees

Academic Board

Student Rep: ANUSA President

Academic Board is tasked with ensuring the University maintains the highest standards in teaching, scholarship and research. The Board reviews academic policy recommendations, approves degrees and other awards and provides a forum to facilitate information flow and debate within the University and between the senior executive officers of the University and the wider academic community.


Education Committee

Student Rep: ANUSA Education Officer

The University Education Committee advises the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor on the quality and standard of the University’s undergraduate and graduate education and research training activities, and on major issues of education and research training relevant to strategic plans and overarching policy.


University Research Committee

Student Rep: ANUSA President

The University Research Committee advises the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the quality and standard of ANU research, and on major issues of research relevant to strategic plans and overarching policy.


Appeals Panel

The Appeals Panel is established under section 13 of the ANU Appeals Rules 2014. The Vice-Chancellor appoints Appeals Committees to hear and determine appeals on discipline matters, by drawing from the membership of the Panel. The Panel operates under ANU Appeals Rules 2014, as enacted by the Council. All appointments to the Appeals Panel are made by the Academic Board.


Management committees

University Access & Equity Committee

The University Access & Equity Committee advises the Vice-Chancellor and the University Executive on the quality and standard of student access and equity at ANU and on major issues of access, equity and community relevant to the University’s strategic plans and overarching policy.



Coursework Admissions & Awards Committee

The Coursework Admissions and Awards Committee is a sub-committee of the University Education Committee. A primary aim of the committee is to develop, monitor and review University policies, procedures and guidelines on load planning, applications, admissions and pathways for coursework students.


Education Standards & Quality Committee

The Education Standards and Quality Committee is a sub-committee of the University Education Committee. A primary aim of the committee is to develop, monitor and review University standards on learning and teaching.


Student Experience Committee

The Student Experience Committee is a sub-committee of the University Education Committee. A primary aim of the committee is to develop, monitor and review University programs and projects designed to enhance the student experience.


Campus Advisory Sub-Committee (CASC)

The Campus Advisory Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Campus Development Committee and Campus Planning Committee. Its general terms of reference are to advise the Campus Development Committee on the effective use of the campus and on the facilities provided. The matters on which the Committee could be expected to advise include matters of siting, design and landscape planning, pathways, lighting, security, conflict between pedestrians, motor vehicles and bicycles, access for the disabled, implementation of parking policy, control of vandalism and graffiti and levels of maintenance.


Mental Health Advisory Group

Mental illness is a major public health problem in the general community with one in five Australians experiencing a mental disorder in any one year and 45% experiencing a mental illness during their lifetime. Many of these problems first emerge in young people. Addressing these issues requires an all-of-university community response. Recognising this and the need to more systematically and effectively address the mental health problems on campus, the Advisory Group will:

  • Identify key mental health issues in the ANU community;
  • Identify proactive preventative initiatives;
  • Priorities in mental health, both short and long-term;
  • Review current policies and procedures for addressing mental health issues in the University; and
  • Make recommendations on the most effective means for considering mental health within the University governance structures.

UniSafe Committee

The UniSafe committee’s primary functions include: monitoring and reviewing student and staff safety, making recommendations on safety programs, policies and procedures, raising levels of awareness and promotion of safety and promoting the development of a risk reduction and pro-safety culture.


Environment Management Planning Committee

The Environment Management Planning Committee (EMPC) is a strategic cross institutional committee that oversees the enactment of the Environmental Management Plan at the ANU. The committee reports quarterly on the EMP progress.


Childcare Liaison Committee

The purpose of the ANU Child Care Liaison Committee is to enhance the communication between the ANU and the child care service providers on campus to support the provision of high quality child care services to staff and students. The Facilities and Services Division (F&S) has been nominated as an interim contact point for the University for Child Care Matters both at an operational and strategic level, and will establish liaison arrangements with relevant stakeholders.


Wattle Reference Group

The Wattle Reference Group is made up of representatives of stakeholder groups, including each college, ANUSA/PARSA and related service groups.  It supports the operation and development of Wattle through advice to ANU Online Steering Committee and consultation with the Wattle Business Solutions Group (BSG).  It usually meets 6-weekly.


Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee

The Work Health and Safety Committee aims to provide a formal consultative forum to effectively address occupational health and safety matters within the Division. The Committee aims to assist the Division to minimise its occupational health and safety risks.  The Committee assists in the development and implementation of strategies to ensure that staff within the Division can perform their duties safely.  View information on the University Occupational Health and Safety Committee.


ANUSA Committees

Clubs Council

The Clubs Council replaced the Grants and Affiliations Committee in 2016. Affiliated Clubs can apply for funding through the council for a wide range of activities and events.


Student Extracurricular Enrichment Fund Committee

The Student Extracurricular Enrichment Fund (SEEF) is designed to support student programs that enrich the students’ extracurricular experience at the Australian National University. The Postgraduate and Research Students’ Association (PARSA) administer SEEF, with a Committee comprising of student and staff representatives assessing and approving grant applications.


Wellbeing Committee

The ANUSA Wellbeing Committee is in place to raise awareness of wellbeing within the student body and act as the student voice reporting back to ANU services. If you would like to know more, provide feedback or are running an event related to mental health, the Committee is here to help.


Education Committee

Chair: Education Officer

The ANUSA Education Officer convenes the ANUSA Education Committee “to promote awareness on campus of education issues and to facilitate the action and discussion on issues of particular concern to the education sector as it relates to the ANU.” All ANU undergraduate students are automatically members of the ANUSA Education Committee. Any questions? Suggestions for events? Please ask the ANUSA Education Officer at



Interhall Council

The ANUSA President attends the Interhall Council of Presidents when requested by the chair of committee to: foster collaboration between ANUSA and the On Campus Residences, assist advocate on issues of importance to residential students and advise on any challenges which may arise throughout the year.


We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which ANUSA operates.
We recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
We pay our respect to Elders, past and present, and commit to standing with our first nations people.

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