ANU Disabilities Student Association


The ANU Disabilities Student Association (or just DSA) is for all ANU students who identify as having a disability. What does disability mean? It’s actually a pretty wide term, and includes physical disability, mental illness, dyslexia, being neurodivergent (Autism/ADHD), chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders (lupus, alopecia), food allergies and many many more.

The DSA is the only group on campus that is run for students with disability by students with disability. We aim to build up an awesome community, raise the profile of disability, and advocate for structural change at the ANU.

We have our own autonomous space for students who identify as having a disability – the Spoons Space. It is a great space to relax, meet people, read a book, or even study. We’ll also be hosting Spoon Week! This is a week dedicated to advocacy for disability and it will be held in Week 8 this year so stay tuned for ways to get involved by liking the DSA page!

Disabilities Officer - Aji Sana

Hi, my name is Aji and I’m a third-year Psychology and International Relations student! As your Disabilities Officer for 2017, my role is to work with the DSA community and represent their views to ANUSA and the ANU.

Shoot me an e-mail at if you ever need to get in touch, especially regarding the DSA, disability advocacy, or your experience at the ANU.

Get Involved

We have our own autonomous (Spoons) Space, run weekly events (like Casual Coffee), as well as community meetings where we discuss the issues that matter to you. So if you identify, come join the coziest community around and get involved!


Fortnightly meetings for identifying students on Wednesdays at 5pm at the Spoons Space. Like our Facebook page to stay updated!


The DSA Officer can be contacted at regarding anything to do with the department, your student experience, or disability advocacy at the ANU.

If you are having any issues at university the officer will be able to be able to help you, or point you in the right direction.

Facebook page (open to everyone)

Facebook group (only for members)



Office Hours: 2pm every Wednesday during Academic Term at the ANUSA Offices