8am Welcome Breakfast and Heritage Walk
Fenner Courtyard

Welcome to O-Week 2020! To begin, ANUSA is delighted to announce Ngunawal Elder Uncle Wally Bell will be delivering the Welcome to Country. Following this he will be leading a Heritage Tour of the ANU, which offers students a valuable insight to the lives of Indigenous People in Canberra and in Australia at large.

Tea, coffee and pastries will be available for breakfast.

1pm & 4pm How to Adult: Canberra Uni Life
Marie Reay 3.02

Welcome to ANU! For those of you unfamiliar with Canberra, come along to this How to Adult Session to learn all there is to know about the variety of services ANUSA can offer you, from legal advice to assistance with meals and accomodation. You'll also find out where to access medical and other vital services in Canberra. Consider it a crash course to living in the nation's capital!

1pm Walk Up Black Mountain

Do you love nature and all its wonders? So do the lovely folk at ANU Biology Society! Join them for a relaxing walk up Black Mountain, located just beyond ANU's sprawling campus, and learn about the riches of the bush. Bring a water bottle and a hat!

2pm Feast of Strangers
Kambri Ampitheatre

Making new friends can be difficult in O-Week; it feels like you're stuck on repeat asking the same questions. Where are you from? What degree are you doing? Do you live on campus? Feast of Strangers gives you reprive from this loop, encouraging you to ask unconventional questions and learn surprising things about other participants. The event is run in conjunction with Batyr, an organisation that encourages positive discussions about mental health so that young people feel empowered to seek support when needed.

3pm Queer* Coffee *

Come along to the Street Theatre Cafe for a free coffee (or other beverage) or a cake!
This is a great way to meet up and chat with other queer* students, and the lovely people of the department. 

This event is autonomous to queer* identifying students.

4:30pm Departments Fete
Copland Courtyard

Did you know ANUSA has seven departments? Come along to the departments fete to get to know your Disability, Ethnocultural, Environment, International, Indigenous, Queer* and Womens department officers. There will be food and fun activities for all!

5pm O-Week Buddies Welcome

If you're feeling a little nervous headed into O-Week, why not buddy up with someone? Come on down to Coffee Lab for this meet and greet and get ready for a great week of events!

5pm Garden Therapy

Getting outside and enjoying nature is one of the best stress relievers out there, but for students who are pressed for time, what better alternative than bringing the outdoors in? Come along to our Garden Therapy session and plant some herbs and flowers that you can watch grow and flourish as the semester progresses.

5:30pm Scrumptious Soirée Night Markets

There's only one thing that beats a Canberra Night Market... and that's an ANUSA Night Market! Come on down to Joplin Lane to enjoy some smooth jazz tunes curated by Benjamin Chesler and some scrumptious snacks prepared by the lovely members of ANUSA clubs and societies. You won't want to miss it!

6:30pm Women's Dept Board Games *

Join the Women’s Department on the Monday of O-Week for our board games night! Get ready for some fun competition and camaraderie - so bring your friends along and we’ll provide the snacks and games. This event is alcohol-free. It is also autonomous which means that only ANU students who identify as women/TISGD/non-binary can attend.

The ANU Women’s Department is a community of women and non-binary people at ANU. We support, represent and advocate for our members. If you are a woman, woman-aligned, have experienced gendered oppression as a result of being perceived as a woman, or are trans and gender diverse and find our services useful, you can be a member of the Department. If you have any questions, or concerns you can contact:

Siang Jin Law - Women’s Officer: sa.womens@anu.edu.au, 0421093199
Miriam Wicks-Wilson - Deputy Women’s Officer: anu.womens.dept@gmail.com
Queenie Ung-Lam - Deputy Women’s Officer: anu.womens.dept@gmail.com

7pm Barrel of Laughs Comedy Night

How do you fit an elephant in a fridge? How do you fit a giraffe in a fridge? I'm not quite sure, but thankfully we have a line up of hilarious comedians who are well equipped to answer these questions and more. Saunter down to Badger & Co and pick up you $5 Schnitty - courtesy of DINSOC - then settle in for a night of entertainment that will have you laughing til your sides hurt. We will be releasing the lineup closer to the day, so watch this page.

7:30pm A Night at the Pictures

In partnership with ANU Film Group, ANUSA are proud to present a screening of Rian Johnson's modern whodunit, Knives Out!

When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey dies just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc arrives at his estate to investigate. From Harlan's dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Thrombey's untimely demise.

Seats are limited so don't dawdle!

10pm A Glimmer of Moose

Mooseheads... a cultural institution. Many ANU legends have danced in its hallowed halls, and now you, too, have that chance. Step into the transformed space of upstairs Moose, decked out in a fashion befitting the glitz and glam of the 20s. It will be a great night of joyful revelry, so come along and join us for the fun. Don't forget to bring your student card!

Mooseheads will be providing food for the evening as well as giveaways on entry.


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We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which ANUSA operates.
We recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
We pay our respect to Elders, past and present, and commit to standing with our first nations people.

Contact ANUSA (02) 6125 2444