Asian Students in Australian Association


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Our objective is to promote unity amongst ANU students of Asian descent with a life centered in Australia. We aim to facilitate student integration through the organisation of events . In turn, the club hopes to enhance our members’ appreciation of the unity between Asian and Australian cultures and promote the diversity of Asian culture in Australia.


Aside from the mention of - 'ASIAA? With two A's?', another question oft-asked is whether you have to be Asian to join. With a name like ASIAA (Asian Students in Australia Association), the common attribution with the society's exclusiveness is inevitable.
But ASIAA is far from that. Founded in 2012, ASIAA was established to be a melting pot of cultures, drawing in students who want to embrace the Asian culture, regardless of their backgrounds. Members of the society can range from Asian international students who simply miss the comforting cuisines and friends from home, to students with no Asian heritage whatsoever, but want to hit if off on the dance-floor with people just as crazy as them about Big Bang's new release.
Mainly however, ASIAA draws in the kids who grew up Asian in a predominantly Western society. The kids who embarrassingly opened Mum's leftover Hokkien noodles from dinner at school's lunchtime, the ones who had to forego after school hangs to go to Chinese school or piano lessons, and especially the ones who have always felt pulled in a tug of war between a want to be included with their 'white friends', and a need to not be afraid to express their identity.
Growing up Asian in Australia can be hard - and it's comforting to meet friends who can relate to your childhood stories with a ‘Hey I went to that Chinese school too!’ More than that though, it’s exciting to be surrounded by a group of people who are not only unafraid to embrace the myriad of identities out there, but actually be proud to express their own Asian roots and identities in Australia. ASIAA is filled with students who have a passion to take advantage of the best of the two worlds their unique background has made them adapt to.
There are countless societies on campus, but come to any of ASIAA's events, and you’ll see exactly why we stand out. With a fusion of both worlds where East meets West, we present monthly POPASIAA Nights held at the Mooseheads Nightclub, where top KPOP (Korean Pop) hits are remixed with thumping electrical Western influences. ASIAA's fancier annual events, like the ASIAA Boat Cruise and Cocktail Night are created with exotic themes ranging from ' A Night in Tokyo' to 'The Five Elements'. Even Valentines Day is not forgotten – ASIAA celebrates White Valentines Day on March 14th, a Japanese twist on the Western date, where we help our members deliver cupcakes and roses straight to the doorsteps of that boy or girl they fancy!
But the ability to transform the best traditions and cultures from two worlds is not ASIAA's best asset. Rather, it is the people who form a part of the society. Member numbers are growing rapidly at the turn of each new event - but regardless of how big the society's member base grows, our humble beginnings will always keep constant ASIAA’s big-family feel.

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We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which ANUSA operates.
We recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
We pay our respect to Elders, past and present, and commit to standing with our first nations people.

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