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The Social Officer is responsible for organising and overseeing O-Week, Bush Week, ANUSA BBQs and other social events. The Social Officer is also the first point of contact for clubs and societies (C&S) and the Students Council, the ANUSA body responsible for funding C&S activity.


What does each Clubs Council position do?

This is your one stop shop to understanding the various roles of the Clubs Council Executive!


The Chair will, as per clause 3.4.1 of the Clubs Regulations:

a)   provide leadership, governance and policy direction to the Council and the Council  Executive;

b)   chair meetings of the Council;

c)   arbitrate disputes within and between Clubs;

d)   report to SRC on behalf of the Student Clubs Council;

e)   advocate for the interests of Clubs at all levels; and

g)   liaise with the ANUSA staff on the Council Executive with respect to the administration of funding and affiliation.



The Secretary will, as per clause 3.5.1 of the Club Regulations:

a)     assume any duties of the Chair deemed necessary by the Council Executive;

b)     ensure the Council policies are clear, consistent and appropriate;

c)     ensure that the minutes of meetings of the Council and Council Executive, including a basic summary of discussion, are recorded, retained and published on the Association’s website;

d)     prepare, authorise and release all notices of the Council;

e)     have the power to interpret the Clubs Regulations and Council Policies, except that where the Secretary’s interpretation is inconsistent with that of the General Secretary of the Association, the Secretary’s interpretation is invalid to the extent of that inconsistency;

f)      monitor the adequacy of the Council’s communications, and ensure that all Delegates are reasonably informed of matters relating to the Council;

g)     ensure frequent consultations occur and that Clubs are sufficiently informed of Council Policies; and

h)     provide leadership on policy relating to the function of the Council, Council Executive, and other internal governance matters.


Funding Officer

The Funding Officer will, as per clause 3.6 of the Club Regulations, liaise with the Treasurer and Financial Officer of the Association to ensure adequate records are kept with respect to:

a)     the financial affairs of the Council;

b)     the Council’s budget and expenditure; and

c)     audits of the Council conducted as required under the Constitution.


Community Officer

The Community Officer, as per clause 3.7 of the Clubs Regulations, will:

a)     provide training for the executives or other relevant leadership of Clubs;

b)     facilitate the collaboration of Clubs, on events and otherwise in productive interactions;

c)     assist the Chair in managing disputes between and within Clubs; and

d)     provide opportunities for Club executives or other relevant leadership of Clubs to network in a social environment.


General Officer (3)

The three General Officers will assist in completing the duties of the Executive as given in this policy, in the Clubs Regulations, and in the ANUSA Constitution.

This position is authorised under section 2.3.2 of the Clubs Council Executive Policy.


Branch Officer (7)    

The Branch Officers represent the seven branches of the Club Council: Arts and Performance; Discipline; Faith and Religion; Humanitarian, Social Justice and Advocacy; Political; Culture and Language; and Special Interest.

The Branch Officers, as per clause 3.8 of the Clubs Regulation, will:

    a)    advise and assist in the creation and modification of Council Policies;

    b)    represent the interests of their Branch to the Council Executive;

    c)    assist the Council Executive in any other ways necessary; and

    d)    report to the Chair on a regular basis concerning the status of their Branch.


New Roles !!!

The Clubs Council Executive intend to introduce two new roles to the Executive team at the next Clubs Council meeting. These roles have been identified as necessary based on reflections on the first functional year of the Clubs Council, and the identification of major operational holes in the current Executive roles.

In seeking to make the election succinct, the Executive will be adopting an identical nomination process. In the event that these roles are not passed and confirmed by the Clubs Council, they will NOT be voted on.

With this in mind, the descriptions of the envisioned roles are


Affiliation Officer

The Affiliation Officer will:

a)   Oversee the reaffiliation of all eligible Clubs, especially over the summer period

b)   Act as the first point of contact for Clubs seeking affiliation

c)   Confirm the completion of technical requirements by affiliating Clubs and ensuring sufficient ratification at a Clubs Council meeting

d)   Collate technical requirements of Clubs seeking affiliation into a simple format for presentation to Executive Meetings.

e)   Provide assistance to the other members of the Executive on projects and policy reform.

This role will likely require a commitment of 4-5 hours a week. The workload will likely be increased over the summer. This is the peak period for re-affiliation.


Communications Officer

The Communications Officer will:

a)   Communicate the outcomes of Clubs Council Meetings through clear and interesting means. This communication will occur through the ANUSA website and Facebook.

b)   Communicate the important outcomes of Executive Meetings through clear and interesting means. This communication will occur through the ANUSA website and Facebook

c)   Communicate the decisions on affiliations made at Executive Meetings to Club delegates via Facebook and email.

d)   Work with the Secretary to provide adequate notice of Clubs Council Meetings and disseminate the Agenda.

e)   Work with the rest of the Executive team to respond to emails and messages in a timely and effective manner.

f)    Ensure that all policies and resources are updated on the ANUSA website in a timely fashion.

This role will likely require a commitment of 4-5 hours a week. Experience or skills in publicity and graphic design is desirable.


Contact the current officebearers:

All the current Clubs Council Executive are keen and eager to answer any of your questions. If you have a question you want answered before nominating, send them an email!


Name of current office bearer(s)

Student Number


Cameron Allan



Joel Baker


Funding Officer

Zac Lord


Community Officer

Lewis Pope


General Officers

Ian Fulton



Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope



Matthew Stuckey


Branch Officer - Arts and Performance

Jane Dunmill


Branch Officer - Discipline

Mariana Segaram


Branch Officer - Faith and Religion

Jonathan Tjandra


Branch Officer - Humanitarian, Advocacy and Social Justice

Matthew Mottola


Branch Officer - Language and Culture

Naomi Peck


Branch Officer - Political


Contact Cameron Allan

Branch Officer - Special Interest


Contact Cameron Allan



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